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Expectations Web Design

The Art of Managing Expectations

Expectations: we all have them. Whether we're anticipating a favorite food to taste a certain way, pulling for that promotion at work, or hoping to build a successful new brand from scratch - expectations are found everywhere. Managing expectations in business is necessary in order to function with effectiveness and ...
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Houston Website Design

New Website? Now What?

Congratulations, Your Website Is Complete. Now What? Finally, you have done it! All those weeks of research to find the right web design company; weeks spent preparing content and photos; days of quality checking and coordination with your web designer, all that effort has finally paid off. Whew! Congratulations on ...
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When Should You Redesign Website?

How Often Should We Redesign Our Website?

No! Say it ain't so! I recently had a meeting today with a transportation company. Their website was about 4 years old. It looked okay but the navigation could be improved, they were missing some crucial elements like the About Us section, oh, and it was not responsive. One of ...
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The 6 Human Needs & SEO

The 6 Human Needs That Affect SEO

[I give examples of search results and how each entry uses a human need to entice a click] As sit at my desk, every day, scouring the internet for information that can help my customers, it's easy to see how some of the successful websites tend to tug at some ...
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website maintenance care

Not maintenance. Care, Management, and Support. It’s Peace of Mind.

Your website is an open door to your customers. It’s ready to help 24/7. It communicates your brand and, essentially, is an investment and quite possibly your profit source. It's a crucial part of your business. Blog Synopsis. Your website is an investment, but you can’t spend all of your ...
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How Your Oil and Gas Website is Not Working For You

Top 7 Ways Your Oil & Gas Website is Not Working For You

It's not a surprise after meeting with an oil and gas executive or engineer, that they like to remind me that their oil and gas website design is only meant to showcase their work. They believe that their website only serves as a means to show-off their projects or to ...
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Houston SEO 5 Tips to Rock Your World

5 SEO Tips You Didn’t Know Could Rock Your World

You know that having a website is key to any business. This is your virtual “store front” that connects you with millions of people around the world. For local businesses, your audience may not very large, however you can capitalize on the many business opportunities business using Search Engine Optimization ...
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IT web design

GlobalSpex Marketing Helps Park Comm Improve Website

Sugarland, TX – While many people like to go camping to get away from it all, having phone and Internet access may be important in order to conduct business, handle reservations and keep in touch with family and friends. Park Comm takes pride in keeping people connected while camping in ...
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