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How Your Website Drives Your Marketing Strategy

Chart Internet Marketing Network

As a small business owner, a good marketing strategy will drive your business. Most of us are not fortunate enough to have the background and training to create and maintain a professional website and therefore we must invest the time and money. The website typically is the […]

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8 Trends for Internet Marketing in 2014

New Year 2014

What is to become of internet marketing in 2014? Whew! A lot.. That is the beauty of this industry and the bane of my existence. It is forever changing and growing and 2014 will be the same. Continued growth of social media but it will have an […]

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Website Content and Junk Food

Lean Content

Junk food on your website? Okay, I am not talking about actually putting food on your keyboard or searching for the fat content of junk food. I want to discuss thin content or junk content. Basically, content that provides no value. Think of it as the junk […]

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Upgrading to WordPress 3.6?

WordPress logo

WordPress has come out with a new upgrade they are calling ‘Oscar.’ As this is full jump in the numbers, this is more than a security update. Now, I don’t like to bore you with tech details about improvements to short code attributes, post formats, and embed […]

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Are You Their Solution? Top 5 Ways to Capture Your Customers

Standing out of the crowd

When having that initial talk with a new client, whether they just opened their business or just need a website redesign, I find that my customers need a short lesson on how to speak to their customers. Not in person of course, but speaking to them using their […]

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45 Ideas to Help You Write a Blog

Writing Blogs

Part of any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effort begins with being a resource for your clients. It begins with content that your company or you provides and keeps providing on a regular basis. A blog post does not have to be big, long article full of snappy […]

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Template vs. Custom Design on WordPress Themes

WordPress Templates or Custom Design

As a die-hard WordPress fan, I build websites using both premium themes and custom themes for my clients. I am often asking clients which option they prefer of course. Most often it depends on budget and time. But typically we start a conversation about the pros and […]

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Will Multiple Domains Help My SEO?

domain names

Will multiple domains help my company’s search engine optimization strategy? Well, the answer to that question is… No. Well, thanks for reading! See you next time. Okay, some of you want an explanation why I say no to this. Contrary to a popular but outdated idea to […]

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Five Proven Strategies for LinkedIn Lead Generation

Okay, so these past few weeks we’ve dealt with the LinkedIn basics (your profile, connecting with others, tracking), so let’s concentrate on five proven lead generation strategies, in depth: 1. Join Groups. This in itself is nothing new:  Nor is the notion that you should join Groups […]

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LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies – Part VI – Keep On Top of the Latest Changes

One potential impediment to lead generation is LinkedIn itself, right now.  The network is in the middle of major overhauls and features are disappearing, one after the other, so be sure to check out the LinkedIn blog for the heads-up on recent and upcoming changes. For example, […]

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